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Infinity is committed to providing timely, transparent, consistent and credible information to the public in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements. The purpose of this policy is to govern the disclosure of material, non-public information in a manner designed to provide broad, non-exclusionary distribution so that the public has equal access to the information.


This policy covers all Infinity personnel and its Board of Directors. It covers all SEC-filed documents and written statements made in the Company's annual and quarterly reports, news and earnings releases, letters to shareholders, speeches and information contained on the Company's website. It also covers any communications to analysts, investors, regulators, the media, customers, suppliers, and friends and relatives of Infinity personnel.

Material Information:

Any information concerning the company is considered material if there is a substantial likelihood that it could influence a reasonable investor to buy, sell or hold stock or securities. While it is not possible to identify in advance all information that could be viewed as material inside information, some examples might include non-public information about:

  • Quarterly or annual earnings or operational results or projections
  • Mergers, acquisitions, or other changes in company assets
  • Management changes or changes in control of Infinity
  • Dividend payments
  • Public or private sale of additional securities
  • Deterioration or improvement in the company's credit status with rating agencies
  • Major litigation pending or threatened
  • Company share buyback programs and their implementation or cessation
  • Change in auditors and agreements/disagreements with auditors

Primary Spokespersons:

The CEO, CFO and Investor Relations personnel are designated as spokespersons authorized to discuss material information with the public. Other employees may be designated by any of the above-authorized spokespersons for a limited, specific communication only.

Instructions to Employees Who are not Spokespersons:

No Infinity employee, other than the primary spokespersons named above, may discuss material information with the public unless specifically asked to do so by a spokesperson. Employees and company representatives (other than the above authorized spokespersons) receiving any inquiries from the investment community or financial media shall refer the inquirer to the Investor Relations Department at 205-803-8186.

Disclosure Process:

News releases concerning material non-public information will be transmitted to the wire services and posted to our website during non-trading hours. If this is not possible, a copy of the release will be submitted to NASDAQ prior to the release so that NASDAQ has an opportunity to determine whether or not a trading halt is necessary. Material non-public information that is inadvertently disclosed to analysts, investment professionals, or any shareholder who may trade on the information will be immediately released to the public.

Earnings Releases and Conference Calls:

We release results of operations and conduct interactive conference calls, which will be webcast, on a quarterly basis. We will announce the date and time of the conference call on our website and in a news release. The call will be open to the public and will be archived on our website for one year after the date of the call.

Responding to Market Rumors:

Spokespersons will respond consistently to rumors, saying, "It is our policy not to comment on market rumors or speculation." We do not comment on questions associated with pending acquisitions, dispositions, litigation or on loss reserves for specific claims.